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  • Roof Washing                                    

  • House Washing

  • Deck & Patio Cleaning 

  • Fence Cleaning​

  • Pavers & Concrete

  • Polymeric Sanding

Our Process: 

We use a combination of mild pressure & a gentle chemical solution to properly clean your home. Stains and dirt that show on your home & property are living organisms(algae, moss, lichen). High pressure may temporarily remove these stains, however without using a proper chemical solution to kill those living organisms they will quickly grow back. 


Reasons to clean the exterior of your home: 

Do you have black or green stains on your roof and siding? These “stains” are living organisms (algae, moss, lichen) that are slowly destroying your roof and staining your siding. These organisms will continue to grow putting your roof shingles at risk of becoming detached causing permanent damage that may cost thousands to repair. Cleaning your roof and siding will add years to its shelf life saving you money in the long run! 


A dirty roof also decreases your roofs reflective properties causing your home to absorb more heat. This forces your homes cooling system to work harder to cool your home. A clean roof will decrease your monthly energy bills as you will not need to use your homes cooling system as often to regulate temperatures. 


You spend tens of thousands of dollars every year just to live in your home. Staring at a beautiful home as clean as the day it was built is worth the price of admission!!!  

Selling your home?

Increase your home’s value & sell it faster with power washing. Power washing increases your home’s value by boosting its curb appeal. When you put your home on the market, showcasing a clean exterior to prospective buyers should be the main focal point! 

Well maintained homes sell faster. Potential buyers don't want to buy someone else's problem. If your house appears like it was never taken care of, expect buyers to keep on driving by. No one wants to do the work that was neglected for so long to make their new house livable.  


Contact us today for a Free Estimate!! 

Steven Schaeffner

Ray Schaeffner 


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